We are an offical Hobie and Prijon kayak dealer.  We now carry Yakima so you can haul your water-toys around on your car. We only carry kayaks and racks in our Escondido and Temecula stores, so please visit those stores for your kayaking needs!

Hobie is a local kayak/surf/sailing company that is based in Oceanside, CA. The kayaks are sit-on-tops and meant for ocean and fresh water kayaking. Hobies come in either the Mirage Drive (peddling) version or their paddle-only version. We carry every Mirage Drive and paddle-only kayak Hobie makes. You can convert all of their peddle-driven kayaks into a sailable kayak with their sail kit. We also sell demo/used kayaks.

If you'd like to get into a Hobie and see how they feel, we do demos (in either Lake Hodges or Oceanside Harbor). There is a $20 demo-fee, but if you make a purchase we will put that money towards whatever Hobie you buy.

If you own a Hobie and are looking for parts and accessories, we can get any knick-knack you could image!

Below is just a sample of boats we have in stock.

Prijon is a sit-in kayak, meant for ocean or freshwater expedition-style kayaking. It is made in Germany and high quality. It is better for cold-water expeditions. Prijon also makes white-water kayaks and your standard, simple kayak.

Below is a sample of a Prijon.

If you have a kayak, you'll need to be able to get that thing out to the water. Yakima is a roof-rack company that can help you get anything from your bike to your kayak on your car or truck, almost any make and model.

Yakima.com is their official website and we can get you what you find on their site.

Some of their most popular products for kayaks are the Mako Areos and the Hully Rollers, which we keep stock in our Temecula and Escondido stores.

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